From the onset, the client’s vision was remarkably clear – larger-than-life appliances, an oversized island, and spaces that foster both breakfast indulgence and a bar area.

Accommodating these aspirations, however, required ingenious solutions. To realise the oversized island, a unique feat was accomplished. The natural stone worktops needed to be seamlessly joined. This intricate process entailed hand-picking stones with grains that could be artfully book-matched, creating the illusion of a single, uninterrupted slab.

An intriguing challenge lay in the integration of the area facing the dining table. Our solution was to meticulously position a breakfast station and a meticulously designed built-in bar area. However, with structural pillars and diverse ceiling heights, precision was paramount Stud wall elements came to the scue, elegantly addressing these architectural variations. This design approach not only surmounted challenges but also bestowed an exclusive, tailor-made charm.

The clients expressed a penchant for larger cooling units and a generously sized double oven range cooker, she acknowledges. Our guidance resulted in the selection of an Ilve Majestic 120em wide dual fuel range cooker adorned with a fry top. To further align the design, we procured a Siemens A-cool 76em extra-wide fridge and its matching freezer, thoughtfully equipped with an integrated ice maker.

Unique antique brass lattice panels were thoughtfully incorporated into the tall housings, adding depth and intrigue. The transition to the bar area was seamlessly orchestrated using antique gold mirrors, enhancing the overall design cohesiveness.

Creating a space of this magnitude was not without its challenges. “The varying ceiling heights and wall depths posed intricate design challenges”. Our response involved incorporating oversized units on the range cooker wall, meticulously designed structural and stud surrounds to seamlessly address these variances.

The result in this space is a marriage of functionality and artistic finesse. Infused with signature antique brass accents and carefully curated appliances, this kitchen is a feat of design innovation.

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