Boiling Water Tap

To say that you don’t need a Quooker means you haven’t yet realised how this “must have gadget” will change how you live.

At Parkes Interiors we have been using Quooker boiling water taps for upwards of ten years, we see them as an essential item in the kitchen, sometimes we need to convince our clients.  Why do we need this you may ask?  You are right I don’t think anyone really ever boils the kettle and says if only there was an easier way, waiting for the kettle to boil is not an exhausting task, not like washing dishes or ironing.  Sometimes our clients cannot see the need for a Quooker and there are some misconceptions.

Common misconceptions are;

Expensive to run – Nope!  3p a day if you don’t use any boiling water, in short much cheaper than boiling a kettle repeatedly and not using half of the water you have boiled.

Dangerous – Nope! Comparatively speaking the Quooker is by far much safer than a kettle.  The worst you could do with a boiling water tap is by accident put your  hand in the stream of boiling water and immediately pull it away.  If you have an accident with a kettle unfortunately the whole kettle of water is at risk of scalding you.  The Quooker is noisy and pushes air out when it is dispensing to reduce the risk of scalding, the noise lets you know its hot water being dispensed.

Unsuitable for children – Yes and No!  The Quooker requires a three actions to dispense boiling water making the Quooker is fairly difficult for children to switch it on.  Our own children who are now 11 and 8 have been around Quookers their whole lives and have never touched it or made any attempt to use the boiling element.  The noise and steam don’t make it an attractive toy to investigate.

When we complete our kitchens and do our final hand over not one of our clients has not said “I love the Quooker”, it is one of those items once you have one you wouldn’t want to be without it.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that makes the difference, is it the utter convenience of having boiling water at our fingertips, for cooking, cleaning, and making a quick cup of tea.?  We have never had a Quooker returned or a client say “I wish I hadn’t bought it”, it is an immediate love affair!

We don’t sell Quookers, we feel it a duty to our clients to advise them they need this item, they may not know it yet, but they will once they have it!